I find it fascinating – and often frustrating – that many Trustees I speak to are reluctant to invest time and / or money on training and development in their role. In many charities, for example hospices, they are legally responsible for the delivery of vital complex regulated public services operating in a challenging and dynamic environment. Not a duty to take lightly. 

Yet, for some, personal development seems to come a long way down their list of priorities as a Trustee. Sometimes the reasoning is laudable, such as a desire to maximise spend on  charitable activity. 

Other reasons, such as a belief that as they have served in senior roles in other sectors they ‘already know’ about governance in a different one, are less so and verges on negligence. 

It’s a cliché – but a true one - that you never stop learning in life. That applies to being a charity Trustee as much as anything else.

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