Picture of a Hospice UK report

Picture of a Hospice UK reportThings look bad. Just not as bad.

The 6 month figures from 82 hospices are an improvement on the 3 month results. But the 2023/24 figures are still likely to be the worst on record.
10 Jan 2024
Picture of a target as used in a shooting range

Picture of a target as used in a shooting rangeWould you go 'Out of Area'?

Is it time to question the principle that hospices should not raise money outside the area they serve?
9 Jan 2024

Why do some Trustees not want to learn and develop?

Why are some Trustees reluctant to spend time and / or money on their own development?
24 Nov 2023
People pushing objects along a floor; one a sphere, others boxes

People pushing objects along a floor; one a sphere, others boxesAre you 'Thinking Differently'?

Thinking Differently was the title of this year's Hospice UK conference. And we saw several examples of how hospices have been doing just that.
16 Nov 2023
cover of the report

cover of the reportHow big is your deficit?

Figures from 66 hospices for the first quarter show the scale of the financial challenges facing the sector
13 Sep 2023
Legacy Futures logo

Legacy Futures logoThe 2023 Securing Your Legacy Future Report

The 2023 report shows that hospices are still losing ground to other charities in relation to legacies.
15 Aug 2023
The front cover of the book The Commercial Chairty

The front cover of the book The Commercial ChairtyCommercial Income Generation Ventures - Panacea or Pain?

There is lots of talk of charities needing to diversify into new forms of income generation. But is this all hot air or cold logic?
24 May 2023

Does Hospice Aid UK really aid UK hospices?

There have now been two Charity Commission enquiries into Hospice Aid UK. A close look at its accounts raises lots of questions.
20 Apr 2023
Figures showing the amount of legacy income received by different types of hospices

Figures showing the amount of legacy income received by different types of hospicesWill you or Won't You?

There is now proof that the adult hospice share of the legacy market is falling. But there is better news for children's hospices.
8 Mar 2023
warning sign about poaching

warning sign about poaching Gamekeepers turned Poachers

More people seem to be making the move from being the Trustee of a charity to becoming the CEO. This raises interesting questions and challenges.
15 Feb 2023
Light up a life graphic

Light up a life graphicCan you Light up more Lives?

Light up a Life events raise huge amounts for hospices every year. Could this be increased by collaborating on a truly national campaign?
13 Dec 2022
The Queen visiting Thames Hospice

The Queen visiting Thames HospiceThe Queen and hospice care

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a great supporter of hospices
11 Sep 2022

The hospice paradox

The challenges hospices face are unprecedented. But, from a financial perspective, many have never been stronger. This is the hospice paradox.
6 Sep 2022

Proof that in memory giving is good for you?

Recent research from Canada shows that making donations in memory of a loved one is of real benefit to the bereaved
24 Jul 2022

Digital fundraising comes of age?

St Catherine's Hospice raised over £800,000 in 36 hours via a digital campaign.
27 May 2022
a collection of lottery balls

a collection of lottery balls Is the game up for hospice lotteries?

Hospice lotteries have long been a vital source of income. But there is evidence that many are in decline. How can hospices respond?
26 Apr 2022

Are hospices losing public support?

There is evidence to suggest that public support for hospices may be on the wane.
30 Mar 2022

Can I tell you how your care is funded?

Many clinical staff really don't want to talk about how the care they give is paid for.
7 Mar 2022

Proactive crisis comms in the charity world

Comms specialist Adam Driver discusses how to approach the tricky task of crisis comms management
4 Mar 2022

A Tale of Two Charities

It's not often we get two stories about charity governance in the headlines at the same time....
15 Feb 2022
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