Proactive crisis comms in the charity world

Comms specialist Adam Driver discusses how to approach the tricky task of crisis comms management
4 Mar 2022

A Tale of Two Charities

It's not often we get two stories about charity governance in the headlines at the same time....
15 Feb 2022

The Logic of Charity

How do the roles of charity and government compare?
18 Jan 2022

Are reserve policies too reserved?

By focussing on levels of reserves based on months of expenditure, charities may be being too cautious in their policies.
29 Dec 2021

What's in a name? The Hospice brand

How important is the 'H' word in the branding of hospices.
10 Oct 2021

Disrupting the Disruptors

Hospices have been losing legacy market share to 'disruptor' charities. Now is the time for them to 'disrupt the disruptors'!
12 Aug 2021

How Fundraising Friendly is your hospice?

The scale of the challenges hospices face means that the need for a culture that supports your income generation activities is greater than ever.
20 Jun 2021

Is providing free hospice care for all still sustainable – or even ethical?

With increased financial pressures and rising demand for services is it time to question on the basic tenets of hospice care?
16 May 2021

What does the Kids Company verdict mean for Charity Governance?

The outcome of the case does not mean the present system is the best for many charities.
16 Feb 2021

Common issues, different language. How hospice care in the US and UK contrasts.

UK v US. A quick reflection on some of the similarities and differences around hospice care.
12 Jan 2021

Independent, Integrated or Inside? Hospices relationship with the NHS.

The first period of lockdown saw hospices and the NHS working more closely than ever before. This will need to happen again over the winter.
25 Oct 2020

Facing a never ending storm, not a series of waves

For families with life limited children, talk of a second wave does not reflect their reality.
14 Oct 2020

Stopped-Changed-Started; The impact of Covid-19 on hospices

Findings from a discussed with 15 hospice CEOs about their experiences of the impact of Covd-19
14 Jun 2020

Strategic Partnerships not Collaboration – more than just semantics

The pandemic reinforces the need for real strategic partnerships between organisations - not short term collaboration
4 May 2020

Should footballers be supporting the NHS?

Does fundraising for the NHS risk the integrity of state funding - and take money from real charities?
9 Apr 2020

Governance in a Time of Crisis

Observations on the challenges around charitable governance during the corona virus crisis.
23 Mar 2020

Joint working between hospices - a necessity not an option?

This post discuss some of the issues around joint working between hospices - though these equally apply to other charities as well.
20 Mar 2020

Time to pay more Trustees?

Do we need to re-consider our normal model of not paying Trustees - at least in some situations?
9 Oct 2018

The best fundraising idea in recent years?

How lots of Pennies make lots of Pounds
10 Sep 2018

How fundraising friendly is your charity?

Although primarily aimed at hospices, this article raises questions relevant to any charity that is reliant on fundraising.
6 Sep 2018
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